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Title:Andrusov, Dimitrij – personal fond
Original title (slovak language):Andrusov, Dimitrij – osobný fond
Reference code:36412
Name of creator(s):academician Dimitrij Andrusov
Place in the national archival classification scheme:M – Families and Persons
M/II – Persons
Finding aids:inventory
Date(s):(1885) 1897 – 1976 (1998)
Quantity (bulk size):3,72 meter(s) (31 box(es))
Number of files:884
Fond’s description:Rapošová, Elena; Rottková, Júlia; Majerová, Kristína
Finding aids:Majerová, Kristína
Authorising officer:Gubášová Baherníková, Jana
Year of description(s):(1974, 1983) 2015
Status last changed:20.VIII.2018
Notes:File 146 was skipped during fond processing
Related fonds: Geological Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences

academician Dimitrij Andrusov – geologist

* 7. XI. 1897, Jurijev (today Tartu, Estonia)
† 1.IV.1976, Bratislava

Dimitrij Andrusov (1897 – 1976) is considered to be one of the most important figures of Slovak geology, who dedicated his professional life to the research of the geomorphological province of Western Carpathians in Slovakia and Subcarpathian Rus. He served as a university professor at the Slovak Technical University and at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University. He was a key figure in the process of foundation of several geological research centres in Slovakia, namely Geological-Paleontological Institute of the Comenius University Faculty of Natural Sciences (1940), State Geological Institute (1940), Faculty of Geological and Geographical Sciences at the Comenius University (1952) and Laboratory for paleontology and stratigraphy SAS (1953). He was named one of the first thirteen members of the SAS. Archival records contained in the personal fond provide documentation of his scientific work, work in the area of teaching and instruction and in the area of scientific management, of his large correspondence and of the personal life of this highly esteemed geologist of European importance.